How to Use the Question Sticker in Instagram Stories

Are you really making the most of Instagram stories features?

Instagram stories comes with way more features than you may know.

The features on stories are a great way to create engagement with your audience and get chatting to them in a way thats not just images or videos.

Did you know these features are known as stickers and can be found when you swipe UP on stories or by pressing the little post it note with a face (how random!)

How to use the Question sticker on Instagram

Today we are going to dive into the… QUESTION tool! If you are not sure how to use the question sticker, you’ll be able to once you’ve read this blog. I’m sharing with you exactly how to use this feature.

If you’re not sure what the question feature is, follow me step by step below!

  1. Open up Instagram stories

  2. Upload your picture, take a picture OR make the screen a block colour

  3. Swipe UP and select the question sticker

  4. Type in your question - be careful of the character count!

  5. You can move the question box to where you’d like it to be and change the colour by clicking on it!

How to respond to the questions and comments

To view your story responses, click on the live story and the analytics button, here you’ll be able to see all of the responses!

You can then share these to your stories to create a response, its up to you if you choose to share it and if you reply in the form of text on an image or a video where you answer the question.

Remember, the person will be anonymous when you share their response.

Your story will expire after 24 hours and you won’t be able to see the answers after this time, if you are busy set an alarm on your phone to remind you to reply!

Different ways to use the question sticker

The question tool is often overlooked as people see it just as a Q&A feature for influencers or celebrities but you can use it for OH so much more than that.

This feature is a great way to find out exactly what your audience want and to answer their questions in a super casual way.

12 Example questions to use

I've listed some example questions for you to get started to find out what your audience wants and thinks.

Bye bye surveys, hello instant results through Insta stories!

What’s your favourite {product from us, menu item from us, colour of print etc}

What would you love to see from us?

What should this be called? {great if you are naming a cocktail or a product range}

Ask us anything!

Share a memory of when you visited us!

What flavour/colour do you want to see from us? {great if you are a designer or cake maker!}

Where is your dream destination? {if you are in travel this works!}

What do you want to know about us?

What do you think of {insert here}? This could be getting opinions on new products

What do you want to know about {insert product here}?

What product/service do you think we should add?

Let us know your feedback!

Over to you…

I challenge you to use the question sticker this week! Give it a go and see how you get on, you might find some really insightful feedback from your audience that you can use to grow and develop your business.

Send me a message on Insta if you use it and I’ll respond to your story with a comment or question!

I really hope you found this blog useful!

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