My Top Tips for Working From Home

2020 was the year the world started to work from home, for some, this was a huge deal as working in an office has been the norm for as long as office work has been around. For those of us that work remotely or from home life has continued as normal (but boy have we missed those cafe working sessions with friends with a barista made coffee!)

Raise your hand if you are now part of the work from home club! If you are a new member, I would like to officially welcome you to the club..

For the last 4 years, I’ve worked from home or poolside or from cafes and I am still learning new ways to work more productively from home! Many people have the assumption that working from home is all about working in your pajamas and sitting on the couch, now I’m here to tell you that those are 2 things you should avoid if you want to keep focussed. Trust me, it’s really easy to get yourself into a rut of sitting under a blanket on the sofa with Netflix on in the background or literally roll out of bed when you need to start work.

Disclaimer: I've popped in some affliaite links to some of the products I use that could be useful!

I thought it would be super useful to share some of my TOP tips for working from home as now so many of you are!


THE POWER HOUR - set a 60 min timer on your phone and focus solely on your tasks you have to do to with no distractions


Plan in advance what you are having for lunch - make the most of being able to cook at home, you don’t want to get to half 1 and be totally starved!


Make your own DIY *insert coffee chain here* style coffee, invest in some good coffee, a nice mug and a milk frother to make your coffee look the real deal(you’ll thank me for this one!)

Check your posture, a laptop raiser has saved my neck! Working at a desk or a table is waaaay better for you than your bed or sofa. You can check out the one I use here, and its portable so I can take it anywhere I travel.


Make your area nice and clean for a tidy mind, get a house plant to get all the clean air!


Music, I personally love listening to acoustic covers or nice chill sounds to get me in the zone. I absolutely love the playlist Totally Stress Free on Spotify.


Stick to a routine and don’t get into the habit of doing odd jobs around the house whilst you are working


Sit near a plug or invest in an extension lead, this is a game changer...


Use a to do list or weekly planner, electronic or classic pen and paper whatever works for you, I find blocking out my day by morning, lunch and afternoon blocks helps to get a load of sh*t done! Who doesn’t love a tick list 😆

Check out my FREE DOWNLOAD to do list here or my weekly planner here.


And there you have it, my top tips for working from home! It’s new territory for most of you so from me I’d like to welcome you to the ‘I work in my pajamas’ club!

I hope you found my work from home tips useful, remember, you got this! Make the most of being in your own home, having no commute and not having to head out in the rain!

Gained some extra time by not commuting? Make the most of it, get exercising, pick up a hobby or spend more time with loved ones!

We're in this together...

Sophie x


I'm Sophie, I'm a countryside girl from the South of England who has travelled the world whilst working from my laptop helping brands with their marketing and social media. 

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