What Should Be In Your Instagram Highlights?

Do you use Instagram to market your business? There are SO many useful features that you can use to serve your customers.

You are probably familiar with the highlights feature (the circles that appear under your bio) but are you making the most of this super useful Instagram feature??

I’m sharing my tips on all the ways you should be using your highlights to let your customers know everything you offer and answer any questions they may have about your product or service.

These highlights could save you SO much time in replying to DM’s with the same frequently asked questions.

If you follow these tips below you’ll be letting you customers know important information about your products or services, answer those FAQ's and get MORE bookings or sales.

Ready to update your instagram highlight with these GOLD titles? Lets go…...

Products & services

Break up your highlights up into your areas of expertise and share examples of your services and products! By grouping them together someone that is interested in a particular area will be able to see exactly what they are looking for.

Think of this as your ‘product brochure’. Ensure you have the pricing and a brief description of the product or service in the image.

For example, if you are a cake maker, you’d have individual highlights for each product you offer. Depending on your offering, you could have a highlight for brownies, cupcakes, birthday cakes or treat boxes etc.

If you niche down, people will be able to find the information they need quicker and help them to make a decision about working with you.

How to book or buy

This one is pretty important, because this is the WHOLE reason you are marketing your business on Instagram right?

How can people book your services? Do they need to DM you, call you, submit on your website?

How do they buy your products? Do they need to purchase via Etsy, your website, DM? How do they pay? Cash, paypal, invoice?

However your ordering/booking process works, you need to make it SUPER simple, give very clear instructions and don’t over complicate it. This is really important to remember as having too many options or a confusing booking system can deter your customers booking or buying with you.


Do you find your DM's full of frequently asked questions? Save yourself the time and stop typing out the same responses and create stories of your FAQ's and add to your highlight to answer those questions!

Not sure what your frequently asked questions are? Pop into your DM's and see what sort of questions people are asking and use these!

This one is going to save you SO much time.

This is great to use for information on dietary requirements, delivery, specific information about your products etc.

BONUS - use the questions feature on stories to ask your audience what questions they have, you can then use these stories in your highlight.


Do you have a price list for your products and services? Get this in your stories! Break it down into small chunks and group together in areas of product or services, but make it as clear as possible!

If you have a menu or leaflet of your service, I would recommend making an instagram friendly price list. I see way too often businesses just uploading a picture of their brochure and the text is blurry or small.

You can easily create this on Canva using the Instagram Story template.

If your price list is not on your feed or highlights, add this ASAP,, not having your pricing could be holding sales back - what are the chances of you buying something in a shop if there were no prices? You’d assume it was really expensive and be embarrassed to ask right?


Do you have particular policies about your services or product that your customers need to know?

This is where you can add that information, you can direct your customers here once they have booked (or before) to save time constantly typing it out.

You can include anything important to do with your orders or services including:

  • Cancellation

  • Deposits

  • Returns

  • Refunds

  • Lead/Production times

  • Delivery


Social proof is the best way to show off how awesome you are! Screenshot messages of happy customers or reshare their pictures to your story and add to this highlight.

This will show to your potential customers that your service is legitimate and you produce happy customers with your product or service.

Everyone loves a reshare so this also may entice others to leave reviews!

Tips & Advice

Share your tips and advice for your customers for anything relating to using your product or service. For example, how to look after your nails, recipes, how to store your cakes or how to hang your artwork.

This will position you as the expert that you are!

I hope my tips and tricks all about using your Instagram highlights has helped you to make your business SHINE on Instagram ✨

Don’t forget, treat your business Instagram as your shop window, your brochure and your one stop shop for your customers!

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Sophie x


I'm Sophie, I'm a countryside girl from the South of England who has travelled the world whilst working from my laptop helping brands with their marketing and social media. 

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